Our made-up-yet-probably-accurate statistics suggest that 40% of anxiety in life comes from FOMO: fear of missing out. When we’re away from our workdesks for an extended period of time, such as during a weekend, we experience no anxiety until Monday hits, whereby that world of E-mail and business matters once more. One trick to avoiding this FOMO is by letting any and all E-mailers know over the weekend that you’ll catch up with them later via the following automatic reply: “Thank you for your message. I will return to my office on Monday, the Xth of [Month] and look forward to catching up. If there are any urgent matters in the meantime, please contact me at [insert a personal E-mail here].”

Through this process, you rest assured that anyone who truly needs you prior to Monday morning will contact you as needed (but really, if this happens, shame on that individual for letting his/her lack of a personal life bring you down). Anything that couldn’t wait until the start of the week is managed in due time…and you will have missed nothing, allowing yourself both a relaxing weekend and a pleasant slide into the week.



Broken Window Theory at the Office

Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani cleaned up New York City by understanding the broken window theory. The theory suggests each problem that goes unattended in a given environment affects people's attitude toward that environment and leads to more problems (see Ivy...

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Binary Honesty vs. Spectral Honesty (Part 1 of 2)

Google the term binary honesty and you will find that it does not exist. That's because we just invented the term, having defined it as follows: Binary Honesty: Marked by truth in an either-or scenario. For example, the question "Do you follow Rip Red Tape...

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Sitting at a Desk is Not a Competition

In almost every corporation known to man, there are those who believe that the ability to sit at a desk for extended amounts of time requires talent and fortitude. It doesn't. Yet in so many offices across the globe, there is a perspective that the person who can sit...

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Office Life and Cabin Fever

It's pretty common for us office warriors to find ourselves inside of a building for eight hours per day at a minimum simply because our offices are inside. If you are a "normal" office worker, you are in/around your office from approx. 8AM to 4:30PM, preparing/eating...

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