The 1976 Indiana Hoosiers are considered by many experts to be the best men’s college basketball team ever assembled. They boast the most recent undefeated season in men’s NCAA history, and are “still unmatched by future generations.”

What makes this team unique isn’t the fact that they won a lot…From a business and team-building perspective, this team was unique because they knew they had the opportunity to win the national championship with relative ease, and yet that wasn’t enough for them. They accepted an optimal mission statement.

In other words, they had assembled an unstoppable team with top-notch talent and chemistry, and yet they knew that wasn’t enough. This team played with a mission statement that would be difficult, but possible.

Contrast this with the modern approach in sports and business, whereby the mission is always to win, but not necessarily to reach one’s optimal potential…Whether we are leaders of a company, an office, or simply ourselves, it should be our mission to reach our fullest potential in order to tackle inefficiencies and setbacks in our way.


Broken Window Theory at the Office

Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani cleaned up New York City by understanding the broken window theory. The theory suggests each problem that goes unattended in a given environment affects people's attitude toward that environment and leads to more problems (see Ivy...

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Binary Honesty vs. Spectral Honesty (Part 1 of 2)

Google the term binary honesty and you will find that it does not exist. That's because we just invented the term, having defined it as follows: Binary Honesty: Marked by truth in an either-or scenario. For example, the question "Do you follow Rip Red Tape...

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Sitting at a Desk is Not a Competition

In almost every corporation known to man, there are those who believe that the ability to sit at a desk for extended amounts of time requires talent and fortitude. It doesn't. Yet in so many offices across the globe, there is a perspective that the person who can sit...

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Office Life and Cabin Fever

It's pretty common for us office warriors to find ourselves inside of a building for eight hours per day at a minimum simply because our offices are inside. If you are a "normal" office worker, you are in/around your office from approx. 8AM to 4:30PM, preparing/eating...

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