Each organization functions with its own processes and procedures; catch our take on Parkinson’s Law, the Peter Principle, and more.

Why Do Workdays Last So Long?

Despite amazing technological advances over the past twenty years, we are sitting at our desks much longer than ever. If you've ever wondered whether there's a more efficient way to work, there is...and it requires that we rip the Red Tape out of our organization....


“Lead, Follow, or Get Out the Way” for Office Dynamics

In his song "Long Live the Chief" the artist Jidenna delivers wise words: "You can either lead, follow, or get out the way." These words apply perfectly to office dynamics. In every corporate situation there are leaders, followers, and people who get in the way....

Be on a Mission to Reach Potential, feat. The 1976 Hoosiers

The 1976 Indiana Hoosiers are considered by many experts to be the best men's college basketball team ever assembled. They boast the most recent undefeated season in men's NCAA history, and are "still unmatched by future generations." What makes this team unique isn't...

When Peer Accountability Gets Toxic

In our work-lives we are encouraged to keep tabs on one another in order to ensure general well-being at work and at home. This might include asking how someone is feeling if she is late on a deadline, or making sure someone is doing alright at home if he is out of...


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