It’s unhealthy to have a wall behind your computer screen.

Think about it: for over six hours per day on average, you are glancing at your computer monitor… imagine being told that you had to stare at a wall for six hours per day instead. It doesn’t sound too appealing, but that’s the overall effect when the wall is behind our monitor. If you’re getting depressed towards the end of your workday, or you’re getting headaches or even a dull feeling in your brain towards the end of your day, it could have a lot to do with this issue that nobody is talking about: move your monitor to a spot that’s got at least six feet of daylight behind it. At least.

Ever notice how homebuyers take note of the plus-factor when there’s a window behind the sink? Or when the sink is placed on an island that overlooks the living room? It’s because we inherently understand the benefits of being able to look up while working and seeing something. Anything. Yet we don’t even spend a half-hour per day on average in front of the sink, and we spent, again, at least six hours per day on average in front of our computer screens.

Office leaders: look into this. Get everyone on your team some open air behind their monitors so that they can have a healthy work environment. Putting our computer monitors in front of a wall is red tape: an unnecessary norm that holds us back.


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